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Agriculture & Food

From supermarkets to restaurants, from mass retailers to stock breeders, from farm products to the canning industry: more than ever before, consumers are paying close and demanding attention to the agro-food sector, which is also experiencing complex production scenarios.

Business competitiveness depends on some key factors, such as:

  • quality, genuineness and traceability of raw materials
  • reduction in environmental impact at every stage of the supply chain
  • organisational flexibility to handle sudden changes in the applicable standards
  • conformity of production methods with health and hygiene regulations
  • protection of the welfare of farm animals and safety of animal feed.


From farm to fork, we accompany operators in the agro-food supply chain to help them maintain the highest standards of quality, originality and sustainable innovation. Thanks to the experience we have consolidated over many years and to our international dimension, we have a portfolio of integrated services ranging from the certification of specific management systems through to laboratory testing to guarantee the quality, safety, authenticity of the food products and of the processes used in making them in international markets.

Thanks to the RINA SERVICES subsidiary, Agroqualità S.p.A, in the national market we are the strategic player for the protection of excellences and Made in Italy products.

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