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RINA SERVICES undertakes to develop, apply and continuously improve an integrated management system made up of aspects connected to quality, health and safety, environmental protection and social accountability.


RINA SERVICES provides services to businesses and institutions, and shares with them the common goal of improving their products, processes and services. We stand out because we understand the needs of our clients, and offer them high added value services in full compliance with the principles of impartiality and transparency. Organisations that adopt an effective quality management system, taking into account safety and environmental protection, increase their value in terms of image and business and we build their awareness of this through our activities. We make a real contribution to the growth of organisations, which then stand out in terms of innovation, with far-sighted vision in the pursuit of short-term and long-term excellence.

Health, safety and sustainability

Environmental, health and safety awareness is one of the priorities of RINA SERVICES across all business activities, both in internal management and in relations with clients and stakeholders.

In keeping with current legislation, RINA SERVICES personnel are informed of and trained in the health and safety and environmental policy, and in the commitment required of them when performing their routine jobs. This promotes responsible behaviour, increases teamwork and spreads a broader awareness of the corporate culture. When performing our activities at client organisations, we combine the achievement of common goals with conformity to legislation and standards aimed at upholding health and safety of employees, of the third parties they come into contact with and of the communities the organisations operate in.

Social accountability

The Code of Ethics and Conduct aims at promoting awareness of the fundamental values underlying our activities, both within the RINA SERVICES ​companies and externally. Loyalty and fairness are the key elements that distinguish us in the marketplace, for the purpose of improving products and services and to build on our client organisations boosting and boost their profitability. The accountability of our company is based on compliance with current legislation, particularly antitrust laws: we aim to provide high quality services, at competitive conditions, in a spirit of collaboration and transparency, avoiding any improper conduct and any possible conflict of interest as part of the activities performed by the other companies in the RINA Group.