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Professionalism and integrity

RINA SERVICES operates in a climate of close collaboration with its partner organisations, to support them on their pathway towards improving performance distinguished by innovation and sustainability. The aim of the certification, auditing and testing services that we provide through our highly qualified staff and in full compliance with transparency and confidentiality is to assess and support the quality and safety of their management systems, processes and products.

Our added value is the creation of a trusting relationship with our client, with whom we build a pathway based on shared goals, aware of the contribution that we can jointly make to innovation and to sustainable growth of the market.

People at the centre

Employees are our key investment: we believe that maximising individual professionalism, developing skills through constant training and offering ongoing opportunities for cooperation and collaboration are essential to achieve the corporate goals.

We give our clients access to an operations network with global coverage, formed of people from the widest variety of educational and training backgrounds, to rapidly deliver top level services that guarantee a significant return in terms of quality, efficiency and safety.

Environment, health and safety

Apart from contributing to the development of organisations and of their markets of reference, the purpose of our services is also to help improve the quality and safety of human life and to preserve the environment for future generations. This is why all the present and future activities of RINA SERVICES​ take into account measures to protect safety, health and the environment, in full compliance with national and international legislation and standards, in addition to any specific agreements signed with the client.