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Interoperability components

Verification of interoperability components is carried out in accordance with Decision 2012/88/EU, dated 25 January 2012, on the technical specification for interoperability relating to the «control-command and signalling» subsystems of the trans-European rail system.

The interoperability components in the GSM-R area include:
  • Cab Radio GSM-R for voice applications
  • Data only Radio GSM-R (EDOR - Data Only Radio)
  • GPH (General Purpose Handheld)
  • OPH (Operational Purpose Handheld)
  • GSM-R SIM card.
To assess the interoperability components of «control-command and signalling» subsystems, the manufacturer or his authorised representative established in the European Union can choose:
  • EC-type examination procedure (module CB) for the design and development phase, together with the procedure relevant to the quality management system of the production process (module CD); or
  • EC-type examination procedure (module CB) for the design and development phase, together with the product verification procedure (module CF);
  • Full quality management system with design examination (module CH1).
Moreover, for verification of the interoperability component «SIM card», use of the CA module is allowed.

The modules are described in detail in the Commission’s Decision 2010/713/EU dated 9 November 2010 on modules for the procedures for assessment of conformity, suitability for use and EC verification to be used in the technical specifications for interoperability adopted in relation to Directive 2008/57/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council.

In case 3), the manufacturer is responsible for carrying out the tests while in case 1) execution of the tests is under the responsibility of the Notified Body (NoBo). In the case of module CA, a sort of self-certification by the manufacturer is allowed.

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