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The functional tests on GSM-R equipment are carried out by RINA technical personnel to verify the requirements of the EIRENE FRS 7.3.0 and SRS 15.3.0 specifications, on the basis of test specification UIC O-3001 (“Cab Radio functional test Specification”), with the integration of RINA specifications, where necessary, or to verify national functionalities, based on RFI/ANSF specifications.

These tests include static tests to verify functionalities not dependent on speed (i.e. functional numbering, point to point calls, Pre-emption, Conferences, Group calls, Broadcast calls, Railway emergency calls, Shunting mode), and dynamic tests to verify functionalities dependent on speed (entry and exit from Group Call Area, Handover, Extended late Entry, border crossover between different networks).

In the case of EDOR, Quality of Service (QoS) tests are carried out to verify the requirements of the specification UNISIG SUBSET-093 (“GSM-R Interfaces-Class 1 requirements”) using the test specification O_2475 (“ERTMS GSM-R QoS Test Specification”).

The functional and QoS tests are carried out by RINA technical personnel in the field, in the GSM-R RINA laboratory in Genova and in external GSM-R laboratories.

The field tests are carried out on board the train or in a car, in areas covered by GSM-R.

In the GSM-R laboratory in Genova, static functional tests can be carried out, under the cover of a “real” GSM-R network. The laboratory in Genova is equipped with the following:
  • RFI SIM cards with test profile;
  • GPH type handheld terminals;
  • 1 GSM-R Modem and 1 ISDN Modem;
  • GSM-R receiver provided with SW to monitor network coverage and site quality;
  • Tracer equipped with SW to force certain events (for example handover) and record the messages exchanged at Levels 2 and 3.
Static and dynamic functional tests are also carried out in laboratories with “controlled” GSM-R coverage. In these laboratories, the GSM-R functionalities are more easily accessible and controllable and it is possible to track the behaviour of the handheld terminal and thus identify the cause of any errors more easily. Moreover, the configuration of the network and of the SIM cards can be modified during the tests to verify the proper management of different profiles.

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