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The Railway Certification Laboratory is currently developing this section so as to be able to soon carry out the complete set of tests according to SUBSET-103 on the following EUROLOOP products:
  • LOOMO Leaky Cable
  • LTM/Antenna
  • LEU/Loop


EUROLOOP is a European, semi-continuous data transmission system for the safe running of trains along the tracks.

It transmits in-fill information from the trackside equipment to the train (Up-link). In particular, it supplies advance information to the train regarding status of the next signal in its direction of travel, as soon as this information becomes available.

It’s one of the ETCS (European Train Control System) sub-systems.

It’s used in ERTMS/ETCS Level 1 applications.

The EUROLOOP sub-system consists of:
  • Leaky Cable, cable used as transmission antenna positioned along the track;
  • On-board transmission system: consisting of the antenna unit and LTM (Loop Module Transmission) function;
  • Trackside signalling system: consisting of the LEU (Lineside Electronic Unit) and other external equipment involved in the signalling process.
Over the years, RINA personnel have acquired considerable experience in performing tests of compliance on products used in the ERTMS/ETCS control-command and signalling systems, actively contributing to defining the international reference standards and continuously collaborating with the main European bodies for the updating and harmonisation of test specifications.

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