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BTM/Antenna - Subset-116 susceptibility tests

The Railway Certification Laboratory can carry out susceptibility tests on the BTM/Antenna Unit of the ERTMS/ETCS on-board equipment, in accordance with the UNISIG SUBSET-116 specification.

The Railway Certification Laboratory carries out all the types of test foreseen:
  • Immunity tests during which various types of disturbance are superimposed on the Up-link signal which simulates passing over a Balise
    • performance of the BTM/Antenna Unit is checked to ensure it has not been reduced due to disturbance;
  • Immunity tests during which the presence of various types of disturbance is simulated
    • a check is made that these disturbances don’t cause the diagnostic functions to fail or other incorrect behaviour of the BTM/Antenna Unit.
Disturbance generated in the air-gap during the immunity tests is both of the continuous and impulsive type and simulates the typical signals to which the BTM/Antenna Unit is subjected when it is installed on board the train.

The laboratory has all the specific instrumentation established by SUBSET-116 necessary to carry out this type of test.


​SUBSET-116 establishes the test methodology for verification of compliance of the components of the ERTMS/ETCS on-board equipment with the requirements for immunity to disturbance.​

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