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BTM/Antenna - Subset-085 functional tests

The Railway Certification Laboratory can carry out the whole set of tests for the BTM/Antenna Unit covered by the UNISIG SUBSET-085 specification.

The purpose of these tests is to verify full and safe operability, regardless of the manufacturer, between on-board and trackside equipment.

The tests are carried out under all the debris and metallic mass conditions defined in SUBSET-085. In particular, the conditions applied are: clear water (class A and B), salt water (class A and B), ice, magnetite (class A and B), metallic plate underneath the Balise (case 1, 2 and 3), steel sleeper and other metallic objects near the Balise and around the Antenna Unit.

The tests established by SUBSET-085 and carried out by the laboratory cover the following:
  • Characterisation of the Tele-powering and Up-link radiation patterns of the Antenna Unit in the various installation and environmental conditions;
  • Verification of the reliability of data communication and of correct handling of the Up-link signal through simulation of a Balise passed several times:
    • Simulation at reduced and maximum speed;
    • Simulation of groups of Balise;
    • Simulation of the extreme values of the electrical characteristics of the Up-link signal;
    • Simulation of different telegram types and telegram switching;
  • Verification of the electrical characteristics of the Tele-powering signal and of compliance with the maximum intensity of the radiated field;
  • Verification of the compatibility with KER Balises;
  • Evaluation of Cross-talk protection margins, also in the presence of cables nearby and of the LZB cable;
  • Verification of the diagnostic functions of the BTM/Antenna Unit and of the correct handling of metal masses which may be present along the track;
  • Verification of the correct function of the basic receiver through telegrams with specific error types (S type telegrams).


SUBSET-085 is part of the set of specifications which form the basis of the European Union Directive 96/48/EC on the interoperability of the trans-European high-speed rail system, and of the pertinent technical specifications for interoperability (TSI). It defines the specifications for the functional tests of products for the EUROBALISE system, whose requirements are defined in SUBSET-036.

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