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Balise - Subset-085 functional tests

The Railway Certification Laboratory can carry out the whole set of tests for the Balise covered by the UNISIG SUBSET-085 specification.

The purpose of these tests is to verify full and safe interoperability, regardless of the manufacturer, between trackside and on-board equipment.

The tests are carried out under all the debris and metallic mass conditions contained in SUBSET-085. In particular, the conditions applied are: clear water (class A and B), salt water (class A and B), magnetite (class A and B), metallic plate underneath the Balise (case 1, 2 and 3), steel sleeper and other metallic objects.

The tests established by SUBSET-085 and carried out by the laboratory concern the following items:
  • Verification of Interface 'A' (air-gap):
    • Electromagnetic field conformity for Tele-powering received by the Balise in the contact, side lobe and cross-talk zones;
    • Electromagnetic field conformity for the Up-link generated by the Balise in the contact, side lobe and cross-talk zones;
    • Compliance of the electrical characteristics of the Up-link signal;
  • Verification of Balise controlling interface 'C', (only for controlled Balises) through the following parameters:
    • Characteristics of the Up-link signal of Interface 'C1';
    • Biasing signal characteristics of Interface 'C6';
    • Return loss at the source end (LEU output) of Interfaces 'C1' and 'C6';
    • Switching from Interface 'C1' telegram to the default telegram when an invalid signal is temporarily or permanently simulated at Interface 'C1';
    • Blocking signal characteristics at interface 'C4' (if applicable).
  • Verification of internal functionality:
    • I / O characteristics;
    • Balise impedance with respect to the Tele-powering source;
    • Time delay between data at Interfaces 'C1' and 'A1' (only for controlled Balises);
    • Start-up behaviour of the Up-link signal;
    • KER compatible response with a “non-toggling” Tele-powering signal;
  • Verification of “Cross-talk immunity” with nearby cables (transversal cables according to the installation constraints given by the manufacturer);
  • Verification of compliance with some specific EMC requirements.


SUBSET-085 is part of the set of specifications which form the basis of the European Union Directive 96/48/EC on the interoperability of the trans-European high-speed rail system , and of the pertinent technical specifications for interoperability (TSI). It defines the specifications for the functional tests of products for the EUROBALISE system, whose requirements are defined in SUBSET-036.​

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