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The EUROBALISE section of the Railway Certification Laboratory operates in full compliance with all the requirements given in the UNISIG (Union Industry of Signalling) standard related to EUROBALISE products and has the best technology to perform tests on the following products of the EUROBALISE system:
  • Balise
  • BTM/Antenna
  • LEU
In short, the laboratory can carry out:
  • All the functional tests indicated in SUBSET-085 for what concerns the BTM/Antenna, Fixed and Controlled Data Balise and LEU (Lineside Electronic Unit) products;
  • Some of the LEU tests, not specified in SUBSET-085, are carried out in compliance with specific RINA procedures based on SUBSET-036;
  • Optional interoperability tests of the Antenna/BTM with KER Balises, according to UNISIG standards SUBSET- 100, SUBSET- 101, SUBSET- 102, and electromagnetic susceptibility tests of the Antenna/BTM according to UNISIG standard SUBSET-116;
  • At national level, the national type approval tests of Fixed and Controlled Data Balise and LEU.
The use of highly advanced equipment which complies with the reference standards, the flexibility of our personnel as regards development of HW and SW modules, combined with its competency and experience ensure that testing activities are carried out reliably, as a guarantee that our clients’ specific needs are met. RINA, thanks to its experience as an international certification body, guarantees its clients complete confidentiality in relation to handling of data and performance of its activities.


EUROBALISE is the European system for the transmission of information relevant to safety between the train and the trackside equipment.

It’s a function of ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) and one of the sub-systems of ETCS (European Train Control System).

It is used at all ERTMS/ETCS application levels (Level 0, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level STM).

The EUROBALISE system consists of:
  • Balise: beacons, fixed or controlled type, situated along the railway track, which are energised and enabled to transmit only when the train antenna is above them;
  • On-board transmission system: consisting of the antenna unit and BTM (Balise Module Transmission) function;
  • Trackside signalling system: consisting of the LEU (Lineside Electronic Unit) and other external equipment involved in the signalling process.
Over the years, RINA personnel have acquired considerable experience in performing tests of compliance on products used in the ERTMS/ETCS control-command and signalling systems, actively contributing to defining the international reference standards and continuously collaborating with the main European bodies for the updating and harmonisation of test specifications.