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The Railway Certification Laboratory is equipped with a climatic chamber, with temperature and humidity control, to simulate conditions of use and ageing of products and materials.

The climatic chamber, as well as enabling the testing of EUROBALISE products (BTM/Antenna Unit and Balise) according to the UNISIG SUBSET-085 Standard, can be used in complete autonomy to perform climatic tests on equipment or material specimens, with the possibility of carrying out heat cycles in accordance with the main international standards DIN, IEC, CEI, EN and MLD-STD.

The characteristics of the chamber are as follows:

ModelWeiss WK3-340/70
Volume of test chamber335 litres
Internal chamber dimensions
Height750 mm
Width580 mm
Depth765 mm
Maximum load capacity140 kg
Maximum temperature+180 °C
Minimum temperature-72 °C
Humidity rangeFrom 10 to 98% r.h.

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