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Vendor Qualification

More and more in all sectors, from energy to transport, from public to private, companies need to assess in advance whether a potential supplier is suitable to carry through purchase orders on time and in the required quality or to be consulted in future tenders or evaluate the possibility of a new relationship.
Such analysis requires the adoption of a vendor rating based on with objective and impartial criteria, ensuring candidate companies maximum transparency, objectivity and equal treatment.


Set up, manage and update a vendor list allows to make negotiation processes more efficient and to ensuring better performance of the outsourced services.

That is a precious support to Procurement Department for:
  • definition of suppliers’ qualification requirements
  • management of the vendor lists 
  • assessment of vendor capabilities, like technical capability, workload capacity, management of QHSE, economic and financial robustness.​


RINA SERVICES provides a highly qualified and independent service for the Management of the vendor lists, from the definition of the qualification requirements to the assessment of vendor capabilities in terms of technical aspects, management system, QHSE, economic and financial parameters, local and international regulations compliance and Customer's requirements. 

For what that concern the vendor evaluation, we assess whether proposed suppliers meet the standards for inclusion in clients’ vendor list.


This service is usually developed through:
  • economic and financial assessment (balance sheet, profit and loss, financial index analysis), to obtain a preliminary snapshot of the company
  • desktop analysis based on a document review
  • site visits, making sure that quality, environment, health and safety management systems have been defined, documented, controlled and periodically analyzed to test their effectiveness and conformity 
  • performance feedback analysis in terms of punctuality, quality, safety, fairness and reliability of products purchased or the services provided.
We can adopt the customer's assessment criteria and schemes or alternatively can offer assistance for the whole system of supplier qualification definition and the arrangement of specific tools.

Our Auditors are members of a highly qualified team with instruction and many years of experience in auditing management systems in various fields of EAC.

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