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Vendor Inspection

​Vendor inspections are surveillance activities on testing carried out at supplier's premises, during production and in following stages. This service is particularly relevant in the Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrolchemicals and Power Generation industry, where procurement assigns a massive number of items, with many different manufacturers around the world.

The main areas of inspection are:
  • bulk materials: pipes, valves, fittings, flanges, etc
  • electrical components: electric motors, actuators, converters, transformers, UPS and MCC panels, etc
  • packaged & static equipment: skids, boilers, vessels, fire-fighting equipment, cranes, heat exchangers, stacks and incinerators, etc
  • rotating equipment: turbo gas generators and compressors, pumps, etc.


  • Assure the development and continued operation of a project, which also depend on the right quality of equipment, products and components delivered by vendors
  • verify the conformity with the requirements of applicable international standards or technical specifications stated in the contract, before the products are sent to the installation site
  • detect eventual defects at source
  • determinate in advance the compliance with client expectations, in order to minimize or avoid the risk of extra costs, due to subsequent failures at site.


RINA SERVICES gives a wide range of services all over the world, with high-experienced technicians in quality control activities during production of mechanical, electrical, instrumental equipment and components and during particular activities such as Coating, Welding, NDT, etc. Our clients recognize us the following strengths: flexibility, reaction time, same quality everywhere and customer care.


Our technicians conduct second and third party inspections of mechanical parts and electrical components, on the basis of contractual specifications and international standards.

Reports are issued following implementation of some or all of the following phases:
  • witness of checks/testing to be performed during production
  • final inspection and acceptance
  • control and verification of technical information files.
As additional value, our specialists have the necessary expertise and skills to:​
  • review specifications and inspection test plans
  • cover positions as Inspection Coordinators inside the client organization.

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