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Site supervision applies to the construction, start-up and commissioning of plants for the extraction and transport of natural gas, oil and coal, power stations and loading/unloading terminals. Regardless of the sector and construction project involved, a team of qualified and expert supervisors is required to manage worksite activities.

This activity is necessary in order to guarantee maintenance of the elevated operating standards established for all the phases of a project for the purpose of acquiring a competitive position on the market.


  • Correct monitoring of contractors and site work activities
  • adequate planning of project activity times and costs
  • completion of activities within the deadlines and according to the quality standards indicated in the contract
  • guarantee of the safety of all workers involved.


The experience of RINA SERVICES in the field of construction supervision derives from the support provided to key customers for international projects, during all activity stages, in both the Oil & Gas and Power Generation fields.

Our global operating network comprises over 1,000 specialists of various nationalities who are qualified in various disciplines (civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumental) and can satisfy all specific requirements both in terms of service quality and flexibility and in terms of rapidity of response.


Site supervision is performed by technicians of proven experience and professionalism who possess the necessary qualifications and are capable of supervising all the allocated worksite activities. The technicians in the team are selected by means of an attentive qualification process based on project requirements and specific customer needs.

Lastly, all the activities are co-ordinated and managed by a dedicated Project Manager who acts as the sole interface with the customer as concerns contractual aspects, monitoring of the service in all its stages, ensuring the expected quality standards are observed.


What does “qualified personnel” mean?
All our supervisors are subject to an attentive process of verification of their technical and aptitude skills. This process also includes the continuous monitoring of the activities performed on site.

Can RINA SERVICES provide personnel worldwide and obtain work permits where necessary?
All the bureaucracy concerning the work permits of our auditors is managed by our dedicated company functions, at both headquarters and local offices.​
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