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QA/QC activities, provided to Oil & Gas and Power Generation clients, ensure an effective and timely Quality Assurance and Quality Control of the executed project phases:
  • preparation of quality manual and plans, defining policies and objectives of the project team
  • implementation of a project quality system within the project team
  • preparation and control of a set of QA/QC procedures and instructions
  • implementation of a contractor and vendor qualification and monitoring plan
  • implementation of an internal and external quality auditing program
  • identification and control of quality key performance indicators
  • assisting project team in implementing a Risk Based Inspection program and a quality surveillance plan
  • reporting on quality status and issues.


  • Full compliance to the project design and to the applicable regulations
  • quality of the asset fully documented and supported by evidences and records
  • asset integrity
  • availability of a baseline and of quality feedback to support planning of mid/long term maintenance
  • positive visibility with clients, shareholders and partners
  • support for any unwanted dispute with contractors and suppliers.


RINA SERVICES has a strong operative network, able to support our partners in complex projects in any location.

​Our QA/QC teams are fully skilled in Oil & Gas Downstream, Energy and Power Generation sectors, thanks to their long time expertise developed through the participation in many international complex projects.

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