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RINA Services provides certification of plants and facilities aimed to hydrocarbon process in the industrial field.

Such certifications can cover either single component of the industrial plant, such as piping, pressure vessels, specific equipment or the whole process facility itself, in terms of certification of its project design and realization.

Both component and system certification ensure that the design and performance of structures and equipment, essential to the integrity and safety of the plant, are in compliance with prescribed level of reliability as required by applicable industrial codes.


  • Provide the operator with an objective statement relevant to the final safety and fitness for purpose of his facility
  • Enhance the operator’s stature in the industry
  • Increase marketing value for his company by proving, via certification, his knowledge and experience.


RINA SERVICES has been providing the Oil & Gas industry with a number of certification services, mainly related to offshore process facilities or onshore process plants, reaching on field proven experience in methods and tools suitable to minimize the risks associated with such industrial process plant.

RINA network of competence and personnel is in the position to provide appropriate experience and knowledge required to manage the different issues and problems associated to the design, fabrication and testing of any individual component or system of a process facility, so that the operating risks are maintained well within the acceptable levels.


The plant certification activities are normally carried out in the industrial field with reference to recognized international standard such as API, ASME, etc. in addition to administrative laws and specific technical rules that can be addressed by authorities depending on applicable framework relevant to the plant location.

RINA SERVICES has developed its standard codes knowledge and certification scheme for typical components or system such as process containment equipment or transportation system. Relevant plan approval activity is therefore carried out according to the applicable standards as well as possibly required field and testing inspections by experienced surveyors.


What are the different phases of a process facility project covered by certification?
The certification process can cover the project since its early phases, from conceptual design to final realization, through the main tasks of design and fabrication certification.

What are the specific issues covered by a third party assessment for a process facility?
  • Plant design, in terms of suitable dimensions of structures and equipment
  • Operating and HSE aspects, in order to reduce the main risks related to a process facility, such as fire and explosion.
Is the certification applicable to an existing process facility?
Yes, in this case a specific assessment shall be carried out with respect to the actual status of the plant, through appropriate survey and definition of residual life of the equipment.
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