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Marine Warranty Survey

RINA SERVICES offers certification services for insurance warranty, or Marine Warranty Survey (MWS), for the handling, sea transport and offshore installation of large structures, such as fixed platforms, subsea lines (gas and oil pipelines and electric cables) and offshore sites of all kinds.

The Marine Warranty services, that are the MWS audit and the consequent certification, generally concern the following types of marine operations:
  • onshore handling
  • loading and transport on ships or cargo barges
  • offshore lifting by vessels fitted with cranes (Crane Barges, Heavy Lift Vessels)
  • offshore installation and pile driving
  • handling and installation of sealines and relative completion works: trenching, tie-in and mattressing).


The Marine Warranty Survey guarantees that the work is planned and performed according to a level of risk that is consistent with the reference international standards and tolerable for the industry and for all the players involved, especially the insurer.


RINA SERVICES has verified and certified maritime transport for decades (at least 20 operations a year) according to our in-house regulations, that were developed for this specific activity and are kept updated according to shared experiences, studies performed and the development of available technologies.

Our services are recognised by national maritime authorities as regards the issue of the authorisations they are competent for.

RINA SERVICES is also regularly involved in the verification of offshore projects, especially as regards construction and installation activities, where we can provide a long list of references.


  • Approval of the project documentation relevant to the planning of marine operations: procedures, drawings, specifications, manuals
  • on-site inspection and witnessing before or during the execution of the operation.
The certification involves the issue, before the operation starts, of formal approval which attests that the operation planning and the dedicated equipment design are in compliance with the requirements of RINA Rules or other applicable internationally-recognised standards.​

After the operation is completed, a "Certificate of Conformity" is also issued which attests the suitability of the vessels, materials and equipment used in the operations, as well as their correct execution in conformity with approved procedures.

The team appointed to perform the service comprises specialised marine and structural engineers and specialists with naval and offshore operating experience.


How is the scope of work of Marine Warranty Survey certification defined for individual projects?
The scope of work and the relative battery limits must be agreed on a case-by-case basis depending on the characteristics of the work and the associated level of risk.

Is the MWS performed by a single expert who goes on site and certifies the operations?
No, the on-site audit is performed only upon completion of the documents review performed at our offices on manuals, procedures and calculation notes.

Can any professional firm with sufficient know-how perform MWS certification services?
No, only firms that have been formally recognised by insurance companies are authorised to provide this service.
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