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Vetting & Safety

​From selection and assessment of possible carriers (vetting) to supervision during loading and unloading (safety survey), RINA SERVICES works with key players for reduction and management of the risks connected to several activities:
  • the transportation of fuels on vessels (oil tankers and bulk carriers), a critical phase of the energy process
  • tools adopted by chartering companies to mitigate industrial risks, connected to safety, environment and quality, when using third party vessels
  • safety and pollution prevention in oil terminals and oil tankers, during loading/unloading operations.


  • Improve the coordination of the sea-port activities 
  • increase efficiency of the fleet and grant an economic return 
  • define and identify safe oil tankers and bulk carriers, allowing to eliminate substandard vessels
  • increase safety, personnel health and environment protection 
  • reduce recurrence and probability of accidents (for persons/goods/facilities) in the port, in the water and during the load/unload procedures
  • provide useful information on ships-terminal operations.


RINA SERVICES has a long experience of cooperation with partners for reduction and management of the risks associated with shipping hazardous substances. We offer a specialized service, tailored to the customer, that covers the entire process of shipping. Our highly qualified technicians, in possession of advanced skills and many years of hands-on experience, inspect more than 400 oil, chemicals and natural gas tanker ships every year worldwide.


Vetting inspection are carried out in accordance to the OCIFM (Oil Company International Marine Forum) guidelines, with trained and qualified surveyors within the SIRE program, who after the visit:
  • issue inspection reports
  • update SIRE database
  • evaluate the history of vessel (casualties, Port State Control performances, previous surveys and contacts)
  • evaluate summarized risk indicators for a specific vessel.

Safety surveys are carried out in accordance with internationally recognised industrial standards and rules, including ISGOTT (International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals), SOLAS and STCW. 

We tailor the service on the client:
  • developing assessment study and inspection procedures 
  • identifying critical areas to examine during surveys
  • issuing check-list in line with Maritime International Law
  • preparing inspection reports
  • updating database.

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