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Real Estate Services

In a managerial approach to real estate management, knowledge of the critical points that can impact the commercial value and the income capacity of the property is a determining factor. RINA SERVICES delivers services supporting organisations operating in the various areas of the real estate sector: Property Companies, Developers, Assets, Property and Facility Management, Companies, Real Estate funds and Listed Real Estate Investment Companies, Associations, Entities, Agencies and Institutional Subjects.


Thanks to the experience and competence matured over the years, RINA SERVICES can offer a qualified professional service that uses codified and recognised methods, based on a flexible and prompt approach, thanks to its widespread network of offices. It can adapt to the needs of Organisations and the characteristics of the initiatives.

RINA SERVICES is accredited, both at national and at international level, as an independent Control Body providing the technical skills required to deliver the services in observance of the requirements of integrity, independence and confidentiality. Accreditation is a complex process that certifies the quality level of the work of a Body (certification and inspection), its qualifications, its capacity and correspondence to applicable reference standards. Accreditation is therefore a guarantee of impartiality, independence, correctness and competence.


RINA SERVICES​ uses a multidisciplinary team of experts and specialists in the various sectors who operate using an integrated approach, capable of adapting to the various operative needs and providing rapid responses also for conspicuous volumes of activities.

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