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Railway Inspection

As Inspection Company, RINA SERVICES performs:

  • mandatory conformity verification of serial production to the approved type vehicle - issuing of the SD Module for the Italian NSA (ANSF)
  • second part inspection and due diligence audits, during construction, on rolling stock production plants
  • technical and financial support to analysis of the causes behind some specific problem, detected during the operational life of a line or a vehicles fleet.


  • Have a professional support in order to control the suppliers work
  • fulfill the contract requirements with respect to delivery time, costs and technical specifications
  • find the best corrective solution to problems arising from rolling stock and railway network exploitation.


RINA SERVICES is accredited by the ACCREDIA for type A inspection, according to UNI CEI EN 17020:2005. We offer to our clients a huge technical expertise in Railway Inspection field, both for the high-speed system and for the regional trains.


The conformity verification service follows an approach based on technical and quality audits and periodic surveillance. Other activities can be performed by some specific analyses, on-site expediting and a final technical proposal describing the most adequate solution.

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