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Quality and Quantity Services

​​The quantity audit ensures that outgoing goods effectively correspond to the requirements described in various documents, while the quality audit ensures that the goods do not have any obvious defects and meet the requirements set forth in the order or in related documents.

To ensure a prompt response, we have established an extensive inspection network, both nationally and internationally. If more detailed checks are required, we can use our two analysis laboratories, one for chemical and mechanical tests on materials and the other specialized in physical-chemical analyses of agricultural food products.


In the international trading, clients search the guarantee on the conformity of the ordered goods, suppliers seek the certainty to be paid in a short time and besides the governments safeguard national interests against fraud and import of substandard or prohibited goods. Quality and quantity audits are required by some foreign countries and are necessary to release payments by documentary credit or documentary remittance.

Main documents are:

  • letters of credit
  • customer orders
  • pro-forma invoices
  • customer-approved packing lists
  • technical documentation.


In view of its consolidated experience in relation to both product certification and auditing, RINA SERVICES offers its assistance as regards the pre-shipment inspections.


The checks to be carried out depend on the type of goods but in general, consist of a visual inspection to identify the goods, check the quantity, check the packaging and marking, review the documentation required and be present during the dispatch phase. On completion of these activities, a certificate is issued together with a photographic report, which affirms the positive outcome of the inspections.


For who is intended the service?
This service is intended for manufacturing companies, exporting agricultural producers, trading companies, final customers' purchasing offices, food aid organizations, banks and insurance companies.

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