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ETV Environmental Technology Verification

​​​​EU ETV Programme (Environmental Technology Verification) is a Third Party Verification, on a voluntary basis, intended to facilitate greater environmental technology innovation and uptake by end users by providing independently validated and credible performance data.

Environmental technologies can contribute by increasing resource efficiency, finding cleaner alternatives to current technology or introducing measures to mitigate or prevent the harmful effects of human activity on the environment.

The benefits of environmental and eco-innovations are further enhanced by the policy win-win dimension of these technologies.

RINA SERVICES also offers specialized courses and analysis related to the theme of the service: for further information please send an e-mail to ghg_services@rina.org.


  • increase the credibility of such technologies on the market
  • enable technology users and purchasers to identify eco-innovations suited to their needs
  • ensure wider recognition of verification results, both within the internal market and internationally
  • push your product to high levels of competitiveness.


RINA SERVICES is an inspection company accredited for the ISO/IEC standard 17020 and has obtained from ACCREDIA the extension of the accreditation to the EU ETV pilot programme for all technology areas:
  • Water treatment and monitoring
  • Materials, waste and resources
  • Energy technologies
We are recognized nationally and internationally, through our wealth of skills, as able to provide services aimed at improving the quality of life, safety and protection of the environment.
We are also accredited by the main accreditation companies and notified by the competent Ministries to operate according to the most important EU Directives for the issue of CE marking.

The first 18 SMEs applying for ETV would take advantage of a fee adaptation established by RINA SERVICES according to the rules of the "CIP-EIP Call for Proposals EU ETV pilot programme Setting-up of Verification Bodies (Grant Agreement number and supported by the DG Environment, European Commission.

For further information, visit our blog Etv Experience.


The main steps of verification are:
  • First contact with RINA SERVICES, quick assessment of the technology, cost estimate, definition of technical parameters to be verified
  • assessment of existing data, testing and verification
  • reporting and publication of Verification Statement.


Who can participate in EU ETV Programme?
Any company manufacturing or marketing environmental technologies.

Which technology areas are eligible under EU ETV Programme?
Initially in:
  • Water treatment and monitoring;
  • Materials, waste and resources;
  • Energy technologies.

Are more technology areas planned to be included under ETV?
Yes, they are: soil and groundwater monitoring and remediation, cleaner production and processes environmental technologies in agriculture air pollution monitoring and abatement.

Is testing included in the Verification Contract?
No, they are not. It’s up to the Proposer to select the Testing company, RINA SERVICES​ can only advise the proposer on the selection of them.
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