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Monitoring & diagnostics of infrastructures & buildings

Real estate and infrastructure assets are very old and obsolete. They are harshly tested by natural events that threaten their integrity with the risk of serious consequences. In this scenario, technical non-invasive and/or semi-invasive tests are becoming more popular as they obtain information on the characteristics of the materials the structures are made from.

Tests can be performed on:
  • buildings for which insufficient information is available
  • structures under construction whose correspondence to design characteristics is verified
  • deteriorated structures in order to estimate their residue resistances.

Know to prevent and reduce risk: this is the basic principle for the verification of structures and buildings, both new and existing.


RINA SERVICES offers its services to public and private testers and designers, to entities responsible for controlling and auditing structures, to contractors and to owners of the structures.

Our activities set out to:

  • objectively determine the mechanical characteristics of materials
  • build a diagnostic picture of the structures in reference to their safety and their residual life
  • assess their resistance to seismic events and load variations
  • safeguard real estate assets
  • reduce building management and maintenance costs.


RINA SERVICES has specific know-how in this sector, the result of its extensive experience in the world of constructions and in all the areas of the relative supply chain, and is accredited with the main reference bodies in the construction sector.

We have worked for over forty years in the field of non-destructive testing and operator certification, both on the basis of our Regulations (first edition 1964) and according to the main international standards.


RINA SERVICES​ uses a multidisciplinary team comprising certified experts and technicians. The test campaign is defined in relation to the established objectives, using specific instruments supporting recognised and reliable methodologies in order to minimise measurement uncertainty.

We perform the following test and control activities for our partners:

  • sound and ultrasound
  • sclerometric and magnetometric
  • on-site chemical
  • load and permeability tests
  • corrosion potential of concrete reinforcements
  • extraction and penetration
  • residual voltage
  • structural monitoring of crack patterns
  • visual inspections
  • georadar
  • thermography.


What data does RINA SERVICES need in order to formulate an offer?
- To develop an offer that satisfies customer requirements, some useful information should be verified:

  • the quantity and typology of structures to investigate
  • accessibility and location
  • year of construction of the structures
  • construction drawings, if available.

On what structural typologies can non-destructive testing be performed?
- RINA SERVICES can perform controls on all types of structures: civil, maritime, road, etc.

Is it possible to design a test campaign?
- The design of a test campaign is indispensable for all diagnostic and monitoring activities and depends on the required level of knowledge of the structures. Attentive analysis of the techniques to use, of the extension and localisation of the zones to control, allows more reliable results to be obtained, thus optimising time and resources.

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