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Container Inspection

RINA SERVICES provides container inspection activities of new production, on purchaser behalf, quality control services, performed in the factory on new productions, and ACEP certification for container operators.

The ACEP Approval gives the owner the opportunity to manage the CSC renewal certification of its own fleet: it will come as a number, which must be displayed on each container of the fleet.


Once the manufacturer produces one or more batches of containers, RINA SERVICES helps the owner to examine a sample of the manufactured lot and to certify that it meets the contracted requirements. Our team examines all production process and checks all units individually.

To issue the ACEP Approval, our team performs an audit at the owner’s premises, where it checks the internal organization and fleet management and the quality of repairing and maintenance.

Quality Control on new productions during manufacturing is performed by our dedicated and experienced staff, and includes checking of welding, components, assembling and witnessing to all the tests required by the applicable rules.​

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