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Automotive audits

Audits in the automotive sector include a wide range of tasks, all related to the need to guarantee the utmost control of the production process - from design to execution and through to sales and after-sales service - as well as identifying and preventing every possible risk factor.


  • Impartial, objective checking of production and distribution networks.
  • Optimisation of resources.
  • Better performance of production processes, and resulting reduction in costs.
  • Improved sales and after-sales performance.
  • Enhanced reputation and recognisability of the brand.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and client loyalty.


RINA Services checks that all dealers conform to the Corporate Identity, as they are all required to express and transmit the brand's values, in order to create a unique image that can be recognised internationally. Signage, logos, furnishing, merchandising and contracts are some of the Corporate Identity components.


RINA Services checks conformity to quality, administrative management, and brand standards, in all sales and after-sales networks: importers, dealers, and workshops are required to respect guidelines and specifications drawn up by the automobile manufacturer.


RINA Services checks Customer Satisfaction by means of audits done by real or mystery clients, who represent typical users in the sector and are specifically trained. These audits cover the sales and the after-sales networks, in order to ascertain the quality of the service and products, application of procedures, and professionalism of staff.


RINA Services certifies the professionalism of after-sales networks, in relation to any faults or criticalities that arise during the guarantee period. Elements covered by the audit include: checking respect of contractual procedures, checking the process of managing complaints under guarantee, and checking cost management.

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