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ISO 26000 social responsibility

Social Responsibility is based on certain principles which an organisation should incorporate and put into practice in its activities and in its relations with public opinion and stakeholders.

Its assessment enables the level of implementation by organisations of the ISO 26000 guidance on Social Responsibility to be “measured” using objective criteria, that is to say, the adoption of socially responsible behaviour in relation to the core subjects: governance, human rights, labour practices, the environment, fair operating practices, consumer issues, community involvement and development.

The main social responsibility principles include:
  • accountability on the social and environmental impacts of its activities and decisions
  • adoption of ethical and transparent behaviour, in compliance with the rule of law and the international norms of behaviour
  • consideration of stakeholders’ interests, needs and expectations.


Integrating Social Responsibility in an organisation brings benefits in relation to:
  • Reputation and competitive advantage
  • ability to attract and retain workers, clients and users
  • improving employees’ morale
  • relations with investors, owners, donors and the financial community
  • real support for sustainable development.
In the case of annual assessments, continuity in the evaluation process offers additional benefits:
  • the chance to highlight the progress made between two evaluations
  • provide the organisation with potential targets for improvement
  • the chance to compare different organisations.


RINA SERVICES, through its long-standing experience in Social Responsibility certification, can provide organisations with a complete ISO 26000 assessment at a high level of detail.


The assessment process, independently of the outcome of the evaluation, leads to the issue of a social responsibility statement and a report pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation’s current management.


What is the ideal target organisation for ISO 26000 assessment?
The standard is aimed at every user who may be interested in improving their social responsibility performance and/or means to integrate social responsibility in their current management system.

Is ISO 26000:2010 a standard for certification?
ISO 26000 is not a standard for management systems: the Guidance was created to support and develop and not for certification purposes.

Does the statement issued by RINA SERVICES have long-term validity?
For statements issued by RINA SERVICES, unlike certificates, there is no expiry date or requirement for periodic renewal. However, periodic assessment is advisable (for example, once a year) to ensure adequate continuity to the assessment process.​
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