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RINA Services offers constructors, importers and dealers technical appraisal services for cars, commercial vehicles and industrial vehicles.

In case of a claim or dispute, our team provides a third party appraisal of:
  • Damage suffered by the vehicle
  • Repair costs and times
  • Condition of the vehicle
  • Quantification of the reduction in value of the vehicle, of applicable
Our team also offers technical appraisals for the used vehicle market, according to the following procedure:
  • Checking the condition of the used vehicle, in both technical and aesthetic terms.
  • Assessment of whether the vehicle meets quality and safety requirements.
  • Channelling to points of sale and delivery to the end client.


  • Flexibility and speed of execution of the service, on the spot.
  • Reduction in time spent on formalities and related costs.
  • Maximum transparency of communication with the client.


A reliable service not only resolves specific needs, but above all it facilitates a collaborative rapport, with a view to achieving reciprocal trust for long-term programmes.

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