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The Maritime Labour Convention was adopted at the February 2006 Conference of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the UN agency devoted to promoting social justice and internationally recognized human and labour rights.
In line with the (ILO) motto ‘TO ENSURE DECENT SEAFARERS’ WORKING AND LIVING CONDITIONS’, the MlC 2006 sets out seafarers' rights to decent conditions of work and helps to create conditions of fair competition for shipowners.
The MLC Convention entered into force on August, 20th 2013.


The Convention is split into three parts – Articles, Regulations and the Code (Part A and B). The Code details provisions of the Convention and contains two parts – mandatory Part A and advisory Part B.

The provisions cover five working Titles (dictating minimum standards):
  • Title 1. Minimum requirements for seafarers to work on a ship
  • Title 2. Conditions of Employment
  • Title 3. Accommodation, recreational facilities, food and catering
  • Title 4. Health protection, medical care, welfare and social security
  • Title 5. Compliance and enforcement.


Since its adoption in 2006, RINA SERVICES has actively participated to international and national meetings for the development, application and implementation of the MLC 2006 held by ILO, Flag Administrations, Industry partners and Unions.

We are therefore an experienced and competent player, who can assist all stakeholders in the smooth implementation of this Convention, with a wide range of services including:
  • inspection and certification on behalf of the Flags delegating RINA SERVICES​ for MLC activities
  • voluntary inspection and certification for ships for which compliance with the Convention is not (yet) mandatory
  • gap analysis
  • voluntary certification of the recruitment and manning agencies
  • ad hoc training for ship and shore personnel.


RINA SERVICES, according to the delegations received by Administrations, performs verifications and issues certificates as foreseen by the Convention.

Ships to be inspected and certified: all commercially operated ships of 500 gross tonnages or over, that fly the flag of any of the Countries that have ratified the MLC 2006, if they operate on international voyages. They are required to carry, among other things, two specific documents: the Maritime Labour Certificate (MLC) and the Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance (DMLC).

Ships to be inspected only: all other ships that fly the flag of any of the Countries that have ratified the MLC 2006, shall be inspected against the requirements of the Convention.

In addition, ships flying the flag of countries that have not ratified the MLC 2006 are also subject to inspection with respect to working and living conditions for seafarers, when those ships enter in port of countries where the MLC 2006 is in force.


Does the MLC 2006 impact on the design of new ships?
Yes, all new ships to which the convention is applicable must be built in accordance with the requirements for the ship’s accommodations set in the convention, as implemented at national level. 

Are specific training courses on the Maritime Labour Convention available?
Yes, RINA Academy provides training courses on international regulations, including the MLC 2006 convention. 
Please contact us for course calendars or to arrange a tailored made course for your personnel.

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