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​A new ship intended to sail in international trade must hold a valid class certificate, issued upon verification of its compliance with applicable class rules and standards.
RINA SERVICES constantly develops and updates Rules and Standards to cover the classification of a wide range of ship types and of the most innovative design solutions. 

The newbuilding RINA classification process mainly consists in:
  • design appraisal, aiming at verifying that the ship design is in compliance with the applicable RINA Rules for the classification of ships
  • construction surveillance, assessing that the ship is built in conformance with the design approved by RINA SERVICES​ and with the construction requirements set by the relevant RINA Rules.


  • RINA Rules grant additional class notations to vessels complying with particular standards for special features, thus providing added value to the benefit of the ships’ stakeholders
  • a goal-based approach, supported by direct calculations making use of the RINA high-tech dedicated tools, can facilitate the conception of efficient and safe ships which ensure an equivalent level of safety to regulatory requirements, while meeting owner’s expectations in a cost-effective manner


In order to be prompt and reliable to respond to all clients’ needs, RINA SERVICES operates through a worldwide office network, employing highly skilled local teams, making their own decisions autonomously, with standard process controlled from the central office.
Our Rules include also specific regulations for a wide range of particular ship types, such as naval vessels, offshore support vessels, Floating Production and Storage Units (FPSO), Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRU), inland waterway ships.


The main steps and actors through which RINA SERVICES performs the newbuilding classification process are:
  • specialized technical teams ​approve all drawings of the vessel submitted by the designer of the shipyard 
  • surveyors from the competent Office supervise the newbuilding construction at the shipyard, through inspection and patrolling activities during all the construction process of the ship, and attend sea trials before the ship enters into service
  • the competent Office issues the ship’s class certificate.


Can I submit ship drawings for approval in digital format?
Yes, drawings can be submitted in digital format. Once approved, they are returned with eventual remarks in the same digital format.

How can I monitor the plan approval process of a newbuilding?
The whole plan approval process can be managed on-line through a dedicated software tool, Leonardo Draw, allowing the Client monitoring the drawings’ approval status and remarks of each submitted plan at any time.

Are drawing re-approvals included in the newbuilding classification fees?
According to agreement between the yard and RINA SERVICES​, one or more re-approvals can be included in the newbuilding contract fee.
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