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Naval Ship Special Services

​Classification of Naval Ships is an important step forward for most Navies but, traditionally, is limited to the certification of the ship’s platform. Anyhow, a considerable value of a warship is represented by the Combat System which, in general, is manufactured and installed on board without any third-party supervision.

In this respect, RINA SERVICES has developed a specific service for the survey of the Combat System Physical Installation (CSPI) which provides shipyards and Navies to rely on a third party support for an aspect that, up to now, has always been underestimated.


CSPI survey is an innovative approach to the certification of a warship and may be an advantage both for Navies and shipyards.
For Navies, RINA SERVICES' CSPI survey represents the additional warranty for a valuable part of the ship, actually not covered by any certification.

At the same time, shipyards may benefit the presence of a third party that can provide support in the management of relationships among the shipyard itself, the manufacturer of Combat System equipment and the system integrator.

Our approach to Combat System Physical Installation is flexible, aimed to not impair the CS capability and operability and to draw the maximum advantage from the synergy with the platform survey activity.


In the last decade, RINA SERVICES has gained a considerable experience of classification and technical advisory services for all kind of Naval Ships, ranging from patrol vessels up to aircraft carriers.

Furthermore, the synergy with RINA Consulting has completed our competences, allowing the development of this new and unique service for the Combat System installation.


Our involvement in the Combat System Physical Installation starts from the review of main CSPI drawings, which will represent the reference for the survey on board the ship. The survey of CSPI is carried out at shipyard by duly qualified surveyors, in accordance with the reference drawings and ad-hoc guidelines developed by us.

Survey of CSPI includes, but is not limited to, the check of:
  • cables routing, shielding, connection and labelling
  • RF and waveguides 
  • installation of main weapons (strength of foundations, alignments, clearances and grounding)
  • power supply and auxiliary systems.


Does RINA SERVICES verify the performance of the Combat System?
Our involvement is limited to the survey of the CSPI (Combat System Physical Installation) and, even if this can be considered as a fundamental step in the CS performance, it is not sufficient to ensure the overall performance of the system.

For the purpose of the CSPI survey, does RINA SERVICES carry out specific combat system studies?
In general, Combat System studies (e.g. Blast/Blaze/FOD, EMC, RADHAZ and cables segregation) are carried out by the Shipyard or by the System Integrator and reviewed by RINA SERVICES​ as necessary. If deemed appropriate, we can carry out our own studies, to confirm the validity of the CSPI approach.

Does RINA SERVICES need to access confidential information?
Most of the information related to CSPI is not confidential; anyhow, we can manage the access to confidential information in accordance with the relevant laws in force.
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