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Merchant Ship Top Additional Class Notation

Additional class notations are state-of-the-art standards, developed in cooperation with the shipping industry, which may be assigned to ships with enhanced characteristics in terms of safety, environment or quality of the service provided.
For merchant vessels, RINA SERVICES proposes notations which address transport of particular cargo types, operative conditions, environmental performance, and maintenance management.


In the absence of an international code on CNG, RINA SERVICES​ has developed this service notation standard for the carriage of high pressure natural gas.

For the safe carriage of nickel ore, these stability and strength requirements verify the adequacy of the ship to support cargo liquefaction of IMSBC Group A cargoes, when transported at a moisture content Exceeding the cargo Transportable Moisture Limit (TML).

Green Plus​
Based on the evaluation of an environmental performance index, the additional class notation Green Plus covers all aspects of the vessel’s impact on the environment including carbon emissions. The first goal-based environmental standard for ships ever.

System of Trace and Analysis of Record, the STAR notation is assigned upon a risk analysis-based review of ship machinery architecture and maintenance plans which impacts positively on reliability, safety, and on the cost of ship management.

The assignment of this notation indicates that the ship has been designed to comply not only with Ice Class requirements for strength and propulsion purposes, but also with measures aimed at ensuring her safe and effective operation at very low temperatures


Additional class notations are managed along with the classification process, and are therefore granted upon plan approval and onboard verifications with dedicated surveys and tests.


Do additional class notations have an expiry date?
In general a class notation is to be maintained, and the relevant requirements are subject to annual and renewal verifications aligned with class periodical surveys.

Can any ship be fitted with systems and plants in order to obtain the GREEN PLUS?
Green Plus​​ is assigned to new vessels which make a significant investment in design solutions, on-board equipment and operational procedures to significantly improve the environmental performance beyond mandatory requirements.

Are additional class notations costs included in the newbuilding classification fees?
Additional class notations generally require the involvement of highly specialized teams and are therefore quoted separately from the classification fees. For more details please contact our closest office, we will be pleased to send a quotation tailored to your specific needs.
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