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​Seakeeping and direct structural analyses (e.g. FEM) are a possibility to predict the behaviour of ships at sea, in order to evaluate their motions and accelerations and their impact on the comfort of crew and passengers, the load demand on hull structures, the operations on board.
Hydrodynamic loads and their impact on the ship’s structure are calculated making use of sophisticated technology tools in support to the design process.


Unique principle criteria are applied to a specific unit:
  • waves induce motions, accelerations and loads calculated for that unit, taking into account its specific characteristics
  • structural analyses are coupled with hydrodynamic analyses for a consistent and comprehensive approach.


More than 35 years of experience, we support owners with a wide range of applications to displacement ships of various hull forms and characteristics (oil tanker, bulk carriers, passenger ships, container ships, ro/ro ferries, LNG carriers, HSC and multi hull units). A particular filed of application is constituted by naval ships, for which coupled hydrodynamic/structural analyses are used to assess peculiar aspects of these ships, such as shock and whipping.


After owner’s request to his contact point to RINA SERVICES​, we elaborate specific indications for each ship and share them with all the interested Parties, in order to plan a common course of actions. 

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