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Damage & incident stability

RINA SERVICES, through his Technical Advisor Service, provides evaluation of ship’s condition and advising proper mitigating action to increase vessel safety. Owner or Managing Company can rely upon specific and sound technical assistance in dealing with critical situation, as far as survival of the ship is concerned.


Prompt availability of damage stability calculation, in case of emergency situations i.e. grounding, collision, flooding or explosion, are requested to Owner or Managing Company by several International Conventions such as:
  • SOLAS Reg. II-1/8-1
  • MARPOL Annex I Reg. 37 (SOPE Plan)
  • MARPOL Annex II Reg. 17 (SMPEP Plan)
  • ISM​ Code
  • ​Oil Pollution Act – Code of Federal Rules USA.


The use of the performing software NAPA by specially skilled and appointed personnel, together with the enforcement of dedicated procedure, to cope not only with technical issue, but also with the interface and communication with stakeholders, assure a punctual, effective and prompt response.


Voluntary enrollment in the Technical Advisor Service allows receiving the assistance in case of emergency situation upon request of Ship Master or Company representative. 24/7 availability through Primary Contact is granted by dedicated cell phone.

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