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Structures, Stability & Hydrodynamic

Stability & Hull Girder Strength
Stability and hull girder strength calculations with NAPA software can be performed from the very early stages of a feasibility study. In this way, different solutions can be assessed against applicable rule requirements. 
Assistance can also be provided at later stages of design for the validation of onboard loading instruments and for the preparation of loading sequences for bulk carriers.

​Prediction of wave-induced ship motions and loads can be performed and results eventually fed back into the various aspects of the design process:
  • Hydrodynamic global and local loads for FEM structural direct calculations
  • Ship motion for seasickness analysis
  • Operability for High-Speed Craft
  • Slamming and sloshing loads
Numerical hydrodynamics can also be used to validate and complement tank tests or sea trials.


  • Identify best practice solutions in terms of both future ship performance and cost-effectiveness
  • Get advice on the additional class notations you need and how to achieve them, in order to produce the most added value for the ship
  • Identify critical areas that can be addressed in a timely manner thereby reducing the risk of delay during drawing approval and construction
  • Make use of the most advanced technology software applications in many different fields of Marine sector
  • Give added value to the ship with facilitated maintenance management during the ship’s lifecycle​.