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​Leonardo is a brand name for a suite of technical software products aimed to support the RINA rules about technical calculations in the structure, machinery and stability domains. Leonardo Hull supports the structural calculations according to IACS CSR (Common Structural Rules), both current and the new harmonized ones that has come into force since 1st July 2015.​


Leonardo Hull
  • Three dimensional fem analysis: software package for the structural analysis of a ship by means of FEM direct calculations
  • Section and bulkhead scantlings:​ software package to check ship transverse sections and bulkheads.

Leonardo Propulsion
  • Shaftline: calculation of torsional vibrations
  • Crankshaft: check of crankshaft
  • Propeller:​ check the propeller
  • Shrink-fit​: shrink and force fitting calculations.

Leonardo for Pleasure Crafts
  • ISO 12217-1/2/3: stability assessment tool
  • CE-STAB tools for inclining experiment and weather criterion​​
  • STR-DIP for structural check tool for hulls in composite material, steel and aluminum alloy 
  • SCW for small craft windows assessment tool – according to ISO 12216
  • LH2D-CHY: a structural check tool for Charter Yachts built in steel or aluminium.

Leonardo for Piping and Pressure Vessels
  • Boiler and pressure vessels – according to RINA Rules 
  • Hydraulic oil cylinder – according to RINA Rules


The usage of RINA technical software is beneficial to the customer because the data and information exchange can be smoother and thus quicker. RINA technical software is developed by technicians for technical customers thus fit for purpose.


In what context can I use RINA technical software?
The usage of RINA technical software is regulated from the user license terms.

I’m using RINA software for a project with RINA SERVICES. Who can I contact for advice on usage of the software?
Our technicians are skilled in the use of RINA technical software and may be contacted by customers to have advices on their specific projects with RINA SERVICES.

How can I download technical software?
For the download of the technical software from Marine member area please contact the e-mail address marine.marketing@rina.org​.
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