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​​​InfoSHIP® is more than a software: it’s a Management Model that aims to improve business efficiency.

  • InfoSHIP ® is a software Suite covering all Technical Fleet Management needs, supporting clients in day-by-day operations (offices and ships), business organization, costs control and rules compliance
  • InfoSHIP EGO ® - Energy Governance is a monitoring and decision support system designed by RINA and IB for efficient management of the energy cycle on board, which contributes to global saving in ship operation.

Continuous innovations, together with suggestions received from the customers, are adapted into new solutions and included in the standard software version.
The goal is to provide clients with a comprehensive solution (and ever evolving) in terms of product, project and support and, at the same time, provide them with problem-solving tools that are global, simple and integrated, for an optimized Management of their fleet.


InfoSHIP® is composed by different modules complete, user-friendly, interactive and specific for marine field:
  • MP Maintenance & Purchase
  • MS Ship’s Certificates & Events Management System
  • DD Dry Dock Process Management
  • DSF Decision Support Framework
  • TH Technical Hotel Management
  • GFR Guarantee Failure Reports
  • AI Audit & Inspection Management
  • CM Compliance Management 
  • EGO - Energy Governance
The first eight modules are relevant to technical management, the last one is a software solution for energy efficiency.

InfoSHIP® EGO is divided into 6 modules:
  • DC Data Collector 
  • VF Voyage a& Fuel Management for the management and reporting of Voyage and fuel data
  • TO Trim Optimization for the management of trim in relation to propulsion and navigation
  • PE Propulsion Efficiency 
  • EM Energy Management 
  • DSS Ashore Decision Support Systems.


InfoSHIP® is produced, designed, implemented by IB and distributed together with RINA SERVICES.
IB is a software-house highly committed in the world of Asset Management since 1983. The company is today a market leader in the supply of software systems dedicated to this specific and vast subject.


Which is RINA SERVICES’ contribution?
RINA SERVICES has contributed to the software development, in particular for InfoSHIP EGO​ modules, thanks to its technical know-how. Moreover, RINA SERVICES​ can provide supervision and continuous service for ensuring a constant saving.

Is InfoSHIP sold module by module?
Yes, ship company can buy only the modules of interest. Our experts help client analysing the current ship management and suggesting the best solutions.
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