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The cost of fuel is one of the most delicate issues for the maritime sector and is directly linked to air emissions from ships.
In particular, air emissions from ships are being focused on by legislators due to the impact they have on public health and on the environment, both globally and locally.

Today, as in the past, RINA SERVICES is studying services to support all initiatives aimed at minimising the impact exerted by the cost of fuel and by the emission of pollutants (SOx and particulate, NOx) and greenhouse gases: from the monitoring of fuel consumption to optimisation of ship design, from possible implementation of upgrading solutions for fuel-saving to the use of alternative fuels.


The benefits derived from this series of services essentially consist in obtaining and maintaining a reduction in fuel consumption.
In turn, this leads to:

  • reduced operating costs
  • prior compliance with forthcoming entry into force of regulations
  • greater market value of the ship

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