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Ship Energy Saving & Efficiency

Nowadays, the words “Energy Efficiency” and “Fuel Saving” are used more and more in the shipping industry.
In the fuel-saving context, RINA SERVICES offers varies depending on the needs of the ship-owner and operator:
  • Support in development and implementation of SEEMP
  • Energy Saving and Energy Conservation Analysis
  • Fuel Consumption Data Analysis and Decision Support Solutions.
These are provided without forgetting services like ISO 14001 and ISO 50001​ certification and tailored training courses on environmental issues.
We are conscious that operational competitiveness is a big challenge for our customers.


Why energy efficiency on board? The reasons are many and varied:
  • reduction of fuel cost, which increased incredibly in the recent past, and with an expectation of further increases
  • compliance with ongoing and future regulations 
  • protection of the environment
  • preparedness to comply with possible future IMO initiatives (i.e. Market Based Instruments).
Excellent ship design, optimal trim and speed, use of alternative fuels such as gas (LNG and CNG), focus on energy efficiency, fuel consumption monitoring and analysis will help our customers to improve their ships’ performance.
Ships characterized by a good energy saving and efficiency performance are attractive to stakeholders too, thanks to the decrease of harmful and greenhouse gas emissions.