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Counter-piracy measures

​Piracy is a dreadful growing threat affecting the free and safe shipping activity, spreading in particular geographical areas such as Aden Gulf, Malacca Strait, Niger Delta and Caribbean Sea.
Pirates are getting armed with more sophisticated and effective attack crafts and weapons and are capable to assault bigger ships at a larger distance from the coast.
RINA SERVICES is committed to assist Owner in assess and evaluate suitable measures, in order to prevent and reduce the risk for the ship to be identified as potential target for pirates attack.


The assessment of the ship and of its trading pattern is aimed to focus on its capability to dissuade the attack and, in the event, to avoid or mitigate the consequence on the human life, personal belonging and owner's property.
The ship should appear as a difficult target, managed by personnel properly aware of the threat and trained for it.

Measures proven to be effective in this respect are:
  • optimization of routing and timing, by use of convoy and transit in day light 
  • enhanced surveillance and patrol for timely alert; 
  • outfitting tailored on the ship lay out such as barber wire, restricted access, water driven jet machine.


RINA SERVICES​​ grants special on purpose training to his qualified security auditors ensuring proper competency and technical background to assess piracy scenario and advise suitable counter-measure.

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