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Ballast water management

​The IMO Ballast Water Management Convention and national laws of many administrations (USA, California and New Zealand) prescribe Ballast Water Management discharge standards, including:
  • ballast water exchange 
  • ballast water treatment.
RINA SERVICES provides the technical assistance necessary for the issue of this Type Approved Certificate.
Ballast water has been recognized as a significant means of transferring harmful species and pathogens into new environments. The subsequent establishment of a reproductive population can upset the ecosystems of ports, lakes, estuaries and coastal waters.


  • support in the choice of the most suitable ballast water treatment system
  • support manufactures with the necessary technical assistance to get the Type Approved Certificate
  • demonstrate environmental commitment by ship-owners
  • ensure Ballast Water exchange in compliance with Port States’ requirements, and address significant safety issues (strength, stability and visibility) during it
  • issue Ballast Water Management certificates, prior to entry into force of the convention, in accordance with the decisions taken by IMO MEPC 63.


RINA SERVICES is authorized to act on behalf of the many Flag in the approval process for ballast water treatment systems and/or ship related certificate.
The use of a new technology may involve additional risk in the design, installation, and moreover in the operational and maintenance phases. A customized approach to the choice of the system, the identification of possible hazards or weakness and a cost-benefit evaluation may be part of RINA SERVICES​​' supply.
We offer our considerable expertise and know-how to support ship-owners and yards in the process of complying with the requirement of the Ballast Water Management convention.


Once selected the ship, the study starts with the identification of the criteria to be used for the assessment, in agreement with the client. The assessment of the proposed Ballast Water Treatment Systems is carried out having such criteria as main target.
An evaluation of involved costs (operational) may be performed upon request.

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