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Cruise & Ferry Special Services

​In addition to verifying compliance with mandatory applicable class and statutory regulations, RINA SERVICES expertise is made available to owners and shipyards with a set of special support activities for cruise and ferry vessels aimed at ensuring safety, sustainability and quality of the service provided to passengers.


Hot spot assessment
A team of specialized surveyors is available to perform an enhanced onboard ship fire assessment campaign to minimize ignition risks in machinery spaces.

Best management scheme
Our innovative goal-based management scheme demonstrates excellence in ship management beyond the requirements of statutory rules. BMS goal-based standards address ten key areas of management related to safety, environment, health, personnel, hotel services and leadership.

Safe return to port
RINA SERVICES can assist designers verify compliance with SOLAS SRTP regulations, which require that survivability of a passenger vessels is ensured in the event of a casualty in order that everybody may safely remain onboard while the vessel proceed to a safe port.

Alternative design
RINA SERVICES can assist shipbuilders, designers and owners evaluate, by means of specific tools such as RAM analysis, fire risk analysis, evacuation analysis, the feasibility of alternative projects. This can allow adoption of more efficient solutions providing that an equivalent level of safety is achieved when deviating from prescriptive rules for specific systems.

Evacuation analysis
Direct calculation methods with dedicated software tools are applied to identify and eliminate potential congestion points for the flow of passengers during an emergency.

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