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Cruise & Ferry Top Additional Class Notation

​RINA SERVICES has developed standards covering passenger comfort and environmental friendliness, which enhance the ship’s value and demonstrate commitment to excellence. Additional class notations are state-of-the-art standards, developed in cooperation with the shipping industry, which may be assigned to ships with enhanced characteristics in terms of safety, environment or quality of the service provided.


Green Plus
A class notation based on the evaluation of an environmental performance index, which covers all aspects of the vessel’s impact on the environment including carbon emissions. The first goal-based environmental standard for ships ever.

Comfort Class
Assigned to ships which achieve an elevated level of comfort, in terms of noise, vibration, and quality of air, for both crew and passengers. RINA SERVICES’ comfort standards, verified by highly qualified and experienced specialists stands as a contractual reference between owner and yard.


Our experience in the cruise & ferry sector makes RINA SERVICES a partner of choice for high technology and customized services. Our cruise excellence center represents a one-stop point of contact, bringing together a group of leading experts in passenger ship design, construction and operation.


Additional class notations are managed along with the classification process and are therefore granted upon plan approval and onboard verifications with dedicated surveys and tests.


Do additional class notations have an expiry date?
It depends on the notation: for example, the comfort class maintains its validity throughout the ship’s life, while the Green Plus notation is subject to annual and renewal audits aligned with class periodical surveys.

Are additional class notations costs included in the new building classification fees?
Additional class notations generally require the involvement of highly specialized teams and are therefore quoted separately from the classification fees. For more details please contact our closest office, we will be pleased to prepare a quotation tailored to your specific needs.

Will additional class notations periodical verifications imply additional stops for my ship?
All verifications can be carried out during regular class periodical surveys with virtually no impact on the ship’s operability.
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