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Asset Integrity Management Scheme for Ro-Ro ships

RINA SERVICES, the world leader in the ro-ro passenger ship market, has developed a series of additional services for improving operational management of ferries, extending a methodology that is already widespread in the Oil & Gas industry to the shipping sector.

The Asset Integrity Management Scheme developed by RINA SERVICES takes into consideration the management of the following:

  • Fire risk
  • Maintenance
  • Single failure of a component or the loss of a space, which may affect the ship's functionality
The scheme also includes programmes for managing the human factor, by means of dedicated training courses.

The package includes the Best Management Scheme, an innovative goal-based scheme that rewards efficient and reliable fleet management.

The client can request one or more services.


The opportunity to equip yourself with voluntary management systems, increasing the efficiency of obligatory systems, providing a competitive edge. Adopting an Asset Integrity Management Scheme gives rise to a process of continuous improvement in managing the asset (ship) and facilitates better positioning on the market.


With a fleet of 300 ferries classified, RINA SERVICES is currently the world leader for classification in this sector. Collaboration with the major operators in this sector has made it possible to develop a series of voluntary standards, tailor-made for their specific needs.


Why should one choose to adopt an Asset Integrity Management System?
Ships are designed, built and operated according to the most advanced international safety standards. Adopting voluntary standards makes it possible to increase efficiency.

Why would it pay me to adopt an Asset Integrity Management System?
Equipping yourself with this system is an investment, because AIM makes it possible to reduce operating and ship maintenance costs. Preventing a failure or dissemination of a bacteriological risk means avoiding days of down-time for the ship and safeguards your brand's reputation.

Can the Asset Integrity Management Scheme be implemented for all ferries?
Yes, the methodologies and tools for improving the management process are flexible and applicable to all ships, irrespective of their type, size and age.
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