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​Certification is compulsory for products covering essential services to be fit​ted on board RINA-classed ships, and it is carried out in accordance with our Rules for Testing, Certification and Acceptance of Marine Materials and Equipment. The certification process applied can be either the individual (traditional) inspection scheme or the alternative inspection scheme.


The individual inspection scheme is a certification process which implies that the final product acceptance step is carried out by RINA SERVICES surveyors at the manufacturer's facilities.
Manufacturers who have a Quality System certified, in accordance with ISO 9001 or equivalent standard, and/or have proven relevant experience, may apply for RINA SERVICES alternative inspection scheme: an efficient, practical and cost-effective method of certification, which allows tests to be performed according to manufacturers’ schedule without external overseeing by the class surveyor.


RINA SERVICES has developed a comprehensive, strategic international network of Offices with dedicated teams for the product and material certification activities.


In most cases, individual inspection scheme includes both a design review (drawing appraisal) and a testing of the product. The procedure consists of the following main steps.

For individual (traditional) inspection scheme:
  • manufacturer's application 
  • preliminary approval of drawings, when required by the rules 
  • execution of factory acceptance tests under RINA SERVICES surveyor's surveillance 
  • issuance of RINA test certificate
For alternative inspection scheme:
  • manufacturer's application 
  • preliminary approval of drawings, when required by the rules 
  • execution of factory acceptance tests according to the inspection plan previously agreed 
  • review of manufacturer's test reports 
  • issuance of RINA test certificate


Is product and material certification compulsory for products to be fitted onboard RINA classed vessels?
​Our certification service is required for all products covering essential ship services, if fitted on a RINA classed vessel.

Which products are considered to cover essential ship services?
They are products considered to cover essential ship services, i.e. to be included in a system necessary for the ship to proceed at sea, be steered or maneuvered, or undertake activities connected with her operation, and for the safety of life, as far as class is concerned. Examples of such products are: hull plates and profiles, winches and windlasses, rudders, crankshafts, reduction gears, tailshafts, pressure vessels, valves.

Does RINA SERVICES require test certification of type-approved products?
In general, further production control are required to assess conformity of production of approved types, by means of product verification or production quality assurance (mass-produced products), and survey of individual testing or alternative inspection scheme.
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