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Approval of service supplier

​Companies providing services, inspections and testing which are mandatorily requested by class rules or international regulation need to have a specific organization, with qualified and skilled personnel, and to be certified in accordance with the RINA Rules for the Certification of Service Suppliers. Their results are used by RINA SERVICES Surveyors in making decisions affecting the classification and/or the statutory certifications.

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  • Thickness measurements
  • tightness testing of hatches with ultrasonic equipment
  • in-water surveys
  • examination of Ro-Ro ships doors
  • testing of coating systems
  • surveys and maintenance of fire extinguishing equipment and systems
  • service on lifesaving appliances
  • servicing and testing of radio communication equipment
  • inspection and testing of centralised gas welding and cutting equipment
  • maintenance of self-contained breathing apparatus
  • annual performance testing of Voyage Data Recorders (VDR)
  • surveys of low location lighting systems
  • sound pressure level measurements of public address and general alarm systems.


The service suppliers certification procedure consists of the following steps:

  • firm's application 
  • preliminary review of organizational documentation
  • execution of the audit and service delivery demonstration test
  • issuance of RINA Certificate of Approval.


Does service supplier certification need to be renewed?
The Certificate is to be renewed at intervals of three years by v​erification through an audit, similar to the initial one, that the original conditions are maintained.

If a firm is a supplier of more than one different service, does it need to be certified for each of the services it provides?
Yes, each service needs to be certified, but this can be achieved through a combined audit for more services.

May service supplier certification be requested on a voluntary basis?
Examples of services for which the Supplier may request to be certified for on a voluntary basis are: performance of NDT examinations, servicing of magnetic compass, inspection, maintenance and repair of lifeboats, launching appliances and release gears, maintenance of portable fire extinguishers and weighting of CO2 bottles. Details are found in RINA Rules for the certification of service suppliers.
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