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Certification of Material and Equipment

​RINA SERVICES performs certification of material and equipment associated with safe and efficient maritime transportation and pollution prevention, in accordance with national and international safety standards and with our own Rules for Classification of Ships. We provide formal documentary evidence that a specific material or product complies with all specified requirements, and attest to the quality of the product and to the manufacturer’s capability and reputation.
Thanks to our long tradition in the certification of products and services, we have attained a widely acknowledged level of expertise and skills in these specific areas, and have developed a comprehensive, strategic international network of Offices to provide prompt and specific responses to client requests.


Depending on the product, the rules may require different certification processes based on Prototype approval, Product testing, Manufacturer's approval and their combinations as listed below:
  • Type approval certificate 
  • Type approval certificate and Test certificate (MED* products, diesel engines, electric cables and motors, sensor, actuators)
  • Test certificate (pumps, compressors, valve)
  • Manufacturer approval and Test certificate (steel and aluminum plates and sections, steel casting and forging, chain, cable, rope, pressure vessels).