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​​As part of its history and tradition, ship classification is one of the core businesses of RINA SERVICES.
With its consolidated ties to the shipping sector, RINA SERVICES operates in more than 60 countries, offering a wide range of integrated services to numerous partners in a number of sectors: from cruise ships to yachting, from military vessels to container ships and from bulk carriers to the entire offshore segment.

The levels of excellence achieved over time are demonstrated by Port State Control (PSC) statistics, which assess the conditions of ships inspected by Coast Guards: for years, RINA SERVICES has been a leader in these classifications in Europe (Paris MoU), in Asia (Tokyo Mou) and in the United States (US Coast Guard​).

Its application of international standards and consolidated professionalism, have provided RINA SERVICES with recognition by the Italian administration and by another one hundred flag maritime administrations; it is also a founding member of IACS (International Association of Classification Societies) and continues to be a member in good standing, in compliance with QSCS requirements.


The goal of ship classification is to approve the operations of ships and to maintain this authorisation over time by carrying out periodic inspections and laboratory tests.

Classification enables sector operators to achieve the highest standards of quality and efficiency in the phases of vessel design, construction and commissioning.

RINA SERVICES puts innovative solutions at the centre of these services, to ensure lower consumption and environmental impact for the widest range of naval vessels. This is not merely to comply with compulsory standards and laws in force; it is a real opportunity to market naval vessels and transportation services with a great competitive edge.

Despite its commitment to innovation, RINA SERVICES never overlooks fundamental requirements: the safety and protection of people and property.