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​The aim of IRIS is to develop and implement a common and globally recognized Quality Management System for the evaluation of companies supplying to the railway industry. IRIS certification guarantees them uniform language, uniform assessment guidelines and mutual acceptance of audits, which will create a high level of transparency throughout the supply chain.

IRIS is applicable to Rolling Stock and Signalling companies having manufacturing and/or design and/or maintenance activities: equipment manufacturers, system integrators, operators or business partners.


  • Increase the qualitative level of the rolling stock produced
  • implement a standard in line with ISO 9001 requirements.


RINA SERVICES is an International Certification company, accredited by UNIFE (Union of European Railway Industries), which have developed and implemented IRIS standard.


The certification steps apply with the following procedure:

  • filling in the Informative Questionnaire
  • pre-audit to verify the quality and technical requirements
  • verification of the welders qualification
  • tests and “mock-up” additional tests
  • certification issue
  • annual surveillance audit
  • recertification audit (after three years).


Which companies can apply for an IRIS Certificate?
IRIS is only applicable to Rolling Stock and Signalling companies, having manufacturing and/or design and/or maintenance activities.

Are there any legal concerns (closed market)?
All antitrust issues and market competition issues have been considered during the development phase of the IRIS initiative.
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