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ECM Certification

RINA SERVICES provides third part certification for organizations and workshops in the field of Rolling Stock Maintenance, according to Italian and European rules.

One of the areas of this certification is the conformity with Directive EC/2011/445, which sets out the requirements addressed to the ECM (Entities in Charge of Maintenance) for freight wagons to be used on the railway network within the Union.

The main purpose of this certification is to provide equal conditions in all Member States for inspections and monitoring of railway safety, both before the departure of a train and en route.


ECM Certification applies to all entities which manage freight wagons: railway traffic enterprises, wagon owners and infrastructure operators. It is based on an assessment of the ECM responsability to meet law’s requirements, to apply them consistently and to supervise and ensure continuing compliance over time.

The Directive EC/2011/445 improves access to European market for rail transport services, by defining common principles across the Union to ensure equal conditions for the management and supervision of railway safety.


As for the conformity verification service, RINA SERVICES can offer a tailored approach to specific projects, in order to give flexible solutions, thanks to our huge experience both in the specific technical field of railway systems and in the quality system certification.


The ECM certification follows an approach based on technical and quality audits and periodic surveillance.

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