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Production regulations and branded schemes

RINA SERVICES is a partner for organisations wishing to define and manage their own certification models in order to recognise and issue a specific brand.

This is a common practice in many markets where some certificates, before being validated according to national and/or international regulations and standards, are based on specific production regulations or schemes.

Typical examples are: certification of cosmetics according to customer specifications, CCIAA VCO product regulations for household products, Fiore Giusto Standard, code of practice for road haulage contractors, Service Charters, etc.


  • added value and recognisability of the product or service on the market
  • additional guarantee of product or service quality
  • guarantee of the characteristics and performance of the product or service in observance of current regulatory provisions
  • integration with other recognised regulations and standards
  • differentiation on the reference market
  • increased visibility towards potential clients
  • elimination of commercial and technical barriers
  • improvement in the sustainability process of products, processes and services.


RINA SERVICES is a Notified Body for issuing product, process and management system certificates to organisations operating in a wide variety of product sectors. RINA SERVICES​ provides these services through own defined and agreed Procedures & Rules.


The certificate is issued as follows:

  • compilation of the questionnaire
  • drawing up of the offer and stipulation of the contract
  • third-party audit performed by a team that is specifically qualified in the sector
  • if the audit is successful, the certificate is issued.


What organisations can define and manage their certification models?
Trade associations, major customers, production districts, research or university centres and public administrations.

What types of certification can be based on production regulations?
Certificates differing from accredited models and/or standards can range from the performance level to service or product quality, from the model of accountability and sustainability in the production phase to process continuity, etc.

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